4th November to be precise. For a short time amidst the doom and gloom of global recession the world was a brighter place....and all because of one man. That man is of course Barack Obama.

The speed with which Barack Obama has come from a little known senator to the most powerful job in the world is breathtaking. It demonstrates again just what can be achieved by inspired leadership and committed teamwork, a powerful combination. Intrigued, I visited Obama's website the next day. The home page said thank you in bold letters and went on to praise the many democratic party workers who had worked tirelessly in so many ways for the campaign. I later read somewhere that a million telephone calls by party workers had been made to influence voters in the final 24 hours. That's impressive!

Like all great leaders Barack Obama is a principled, brave man with a clear vision. He inspires confidence, something which is in short supply in America at the moment and which is needed not just in that country but worldwide.

Lets just take a minute to look at the clarity of message of the campaign. It is amazingly consistent on one key word, CHANGE.

" Vote for Change" " Change we can believe in" " Our time for Change" " Vote for Change" "Our time for Change" "It's about Change" " Stand for Change" "Organize for Change" "Change can't happen without you" "Change versus more of the same"

You have to admit that Obama's unique selling point versus his opponent was pretty clear. All marketers out there please take note.

1. Be very clear about how you differ from your competition.

2. Be absolutely consistent in your message and make sure everyone else in your business is singing off the same hymn sheet.

3. Get that message across as frequently as your budget will allow.

You might not be able to manage a million calls in 24 hours but you might just surprise yourself as to just what you can achieve.