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Hi there, I'm Erich Archer, and welcome to CGA Creative. Named after my four children, who all share the initials CGA, this space embodies a spirit of exploration and growth. With 20 years in the television and video industry, I have witnessed firsthand how technology transforms the creative landscape. We are at the beginning of a technology wave that is poised to disrupt life as we know it. We are all going to have to develop new skills, learn new workflows, and try new tools. I, for one, am incredibly excited about it. I created this site as a place to channel my passion for AI, a companion to my role as the Executive Director of 1623 Studios—an incredible nonprofit community media center. While I’m busy serving the Cape Ann community, this is where I will tinker with fresh AI initiatives and share what I’m learning in my own AI journey. Thanks for visiting. Feel free to reach out anytime.

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