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CGA Creative

Hi, I’m Erich, a professional television and video producer, nonprofit Executive Director, and technology entrepreneur.

I’m passionate about things at the intersection of technology, creativity, and positive impact.

This is my place to collaborate and communicate.

Welcome to my sandbox!



With 20 years of dedication to creativity, innovation, and strategic content development, I’ve carved a niche as a thought leader at the intersection of technology, creativity, and positive impact. From my early days as a camera operator in NYC to my Emmy-winning executive role at a community media center, my journey has been fueled by my passion for visual storytelling and brand building.


I specialize in multi-platform content distribution, brand strategy, digital marketing, and harnessing the transformative power of AI. I have hands-on experience with every aspect of the content lifecycle, orchestrating campaigns that drive business results and resonate with audiences. My leadership has led to millions of annual video views, numerous awards, and even the pioneering of a patented mobile video production application.


As a nonprofit Executive Director and a veteran of commercial video and TV production, I’ve worn many hats – producer, strategist, leader, and manager. Whether developing original series or leading high-performing teams, my approach has always been marked by ambition and agility.


I’m committed to lifelong learning, with certifications in AI strategy, brand strategy, digital marketing, data and analytics, product positioning, and more.


I believe in being a positive force in the world, creating every day, and life long learning. I try to leverage my skills and passion to make a meaningful difference.

ChatGPT Consulting

Let me help you level up your ChatGPT skills

I've done the research, taken the classes, and applied it in my own life and work. I would love to share what I’ve learned to get you started on your professional AI journey.

Content Strategy Consulting

Empowering Brands Through Innovative Content Strategy and Creative Storytelling

With 20 years of experience in content production, strategy, and Emmy-winning expertise, I shape tailor-made content solutions. Leveraging the latest in AI and multi-platform storytelling, I craft strategies that engage audiences and drive growth. Join me in transforming the future of content.

Dan Holin.jpeg

Erich is a uniquely talented, ambitious and capable nonprofit leader and budding entrepreneur whose achievements and creativity bode well for the long career still ahead of him. Among the scores of talented nonprofit executives that I have taught and coached, Erich stands out as someone you want to watch--if he were a stock, I'd buy him!

Executive Director at Second Chance Cars


Erich is one of the most driven individuals I've had the pleasure of working with. He has the discipline to see complex projects through to release, the courage to explore cutting edge technologies, and the wisdom to ask questions to keep himself informed.

CTO, Co-Founder @ Mt. Joy


Erich has been a true asset, not just to my career as a freelance video producer, but to the creative community of Cape Ann in general. His supportive open-door policy regarding DIY productions made it possible for my first TV show, which won national awards thanks to Erich's encouragement and inclusion.

Senior Video Producer at TuftsMedicine

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